Hi, I'm Victor Grajski.

I'm a designer, a Human-Computer Interaction Master's student at Carnegie Mellon, and a musician.

Through studying at Carnegie Mellon and UC Berkeley, as well as interning on Apple's Media Products Design team, I have fully realized my desire to be a designer because I can bring my whole self into the product development process.

I'm excited by the opportunities being a designer opens up to empathize with users and build polished, beautiful artifacts that meet their needs while maintaining feasibility and are mindful of the business' needs.

Before continuing my education, I had the good fortune to work as a Product Manager at Graphiq and as a Knowledge Engineer on the Alexa team at Amazon by way of the Graphiq acquisition.

Outside of work, in addition to being a musician, I love to surf, snowboard, road bike, and swim. I occasionally run. Slowly. So you won't find me signing up for an Ironman anytime soon!

If you'd like to get in touch, please send me an email!