Hi, I'm Victor Grajski.

I'm a developer, designer, Human-Computer Interaction Master's student at Carnegie Mellon, and musician.

Through studying at Carnegie Mellon and interning at Apple as a software engineer on a product design team, I have fully realized my desire to be a Design Technologist because I can bring my whole self into the product development process, from listening and empathizing with users to building polished, beautiful products that address their pain points while maintaining feasibility and are mindful of business needs.

Before transitioning to Carnegie Mellon, I had the good fortune to work as a Product Manager at Graphiq and as a Knowledge Engineer on the Alexa team at Amazon by way of the Graphiq acquisition.

Outside of work, in addition to being a musician, I love to surf, snowboard, road bike, and swim. I occasionally run. Slowly. So you won't find me signing up for an Ironman anytime soon!